Bowers & Wilkins

Formation Series


Bowers & Wilkins developed what they refer to as 'Formation Wireless Technology' as the backbone of its multi-room wireless audio suite. Designed from the ground up, it has “an imperceptible in-room 1-microsecond sync between speakers”, claims the company, utilising proprietary 5GHz mesh Wi-Fi technology operating at 24-bit/96kHz resolution.
The range at launch included the Formation Bar (soundbar) and Formation Bass (subwoofer), Formation Wedge (large wireless speaker), Formation Duo (stand-mount stereo speakers), and Formation Audio (bridge for existing audio systems). Also just landed at Sound Station is the Formation Flex, a more portable wireless speaker to complement the range.
Setting up the suite is a simple process. Download the 'Bowers & Wilkins Home' app to your smartphone or tablet, press the Link button on each device and follow the prompts to add each product to groups or 'spaces' within your home. You use B&W's app to set up each device, and then use your platform or app of choice for the actual control of the device – be it be Spotify, TIDAL, Roon, AirPlay 2 and so on. Many of these apps are now third or fourth generation, so are now refined and intuitive.
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